Do You Want to Grow?


Connecting in a group can help you grow.


  1.  Growing up Spiritually is tied to what we feed on.  What have you been feeding your mind on this week (ie what have you been listening to, reading, thinking about, etc.)?
  2. Of the 4 types of learning styles (auditory, visual, verbal, physical), which one do you tend to lean towards the most?
  3. Of of the 3 habits that Pastor Will encouraged us to embrace during the upcoming series (weekly larger group worship, small group involvement, daily alone time with God), which one comes easiest for you?  Which one is the most difficult?
  4. Tell the group about a time when another person helped you grow.  What did they do and what the result in your life?  What are some ways that you can help others in your life grow?

Think about it:
Are you ready to get serious about growing?

What will you do?

What is one thing you can do this week to help yourself grow?



The Big Idea is a weekly small group discussion guide designed to help individuals, families, and small groups reinforce the key theme or Big Idea from the previous weekend’s service. This thought-provoking guide contains discussion questions and talking points that will help you and your group explore each weeks Big Idea in more detail.