Press: The Importance of Adjustment and Alignment


We all start our race with plans and ambitions, and then discover that we may need to make some adjustments in those plans.  In this lesson, we will discuss how to make adjustments in our lives that align our plan with God’s plan.


  1. Did you have a plan of how you thought your life was going to look like?  What is a major or minor adjustment that you have had to make along the way?
  2. God is our standard, and winning our race is all about calibrating all of our decisions, goals and desires to Him.  Is there a decision, goal or desire in your life currently that you need to calibrate to God’s Word?
  3. Do you have people in your life who will give you Godly counsel, even when you don’t want to hear it?  If so, name a time when this happened.  How did you react?
  4. For you personally, what is one of the most effective things you do in order to calibrate your heart to God’s heart?

Think about it:
Running your race will require a willingness to make adjustments for the ONE we love the most.

What will you do?
How can you be intentional with calibrating your heart with God’s heart this week?



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