ONE* Growth Track


Growth Track at ONE* involves strategic steps to help you grow in your faith and learn what we are all about here at ONE* and it is for everyone who calls ONE* their church.  Whether you have just committed your life to Christ and are ready to start growing in your faith, or you are new to ONE*, or you have been attending ONE* for a number of years, we encourage you to get involved in our Growth Track!


First Step is the first series in our Growth Track and it unpacks the 3 values of ONE*, 6 applications that will help you get involved with the mission of ONE*, and 9 healthy habits to help you grow in your faith.  First Step is a prerequisite to Next Step.

Next Step is the second series in our Growth Track and is all about our DNA or why we do ministry the way we do.  We are intentional about everything we do here at ONE*, from planning our Sunday series, to connecting people into Group Life, to planning our community events.  You will also learn more about where we are going as a ministry in the final session called “Expanding for MORE.”

Our Growth Track classes meet every Sunday at both our Valley and North campuses, so sign up today!

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