OS Valley and OS North represent our 6th-12th grade Student Life Groups that meet throughout the Spokane area in homes, apartment clubhouses, and coffee shops. Every third and fourth week of each month, these groups meet at our Valley and North campuses for large group events.

ONE* Student's Fall Schedule

OS groups are a great way to grow in your walk with God and make new friends. Getting together in groups is one of the most important things we do at ONE*. We believe everybody, both adults and students, grow better in circles rather than rows. Student groups usually have 10-12 students grouped by age and gender. The groups meet throughout the school year, taking a short break during the summer. Find your OS group HERE

If you join an OS group, you can expect

  • A time to hang out and get to know people your age
  • An opportunity to talk about real life and find mentorship
  • To experience a judgment-free, encouraging community






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