ONEx Update | December 2016
Greetings and Happy Holidays!

Now that the holiday season is in full swing, I want to take a moment to update you on the development of our new campus. First of all, it has a name! ONE* Mead will be debuting in 2017. A few months ago, Pastor Will introduced me to Scott Crane, who attends ONE*. Scott was interested in working with ONEx. He has since become the ONEx Apprentice. His unique skill set is proving to be an invaluable complement to my own. Recently, Scott and I attended a conference. The conference’s sole focus is to build up, equip, and prepare successful church planters. This was a great learning experience. It also gives us the opportunity to qualify for some financial aid as well. This will help us to fund our launch more quickly!

When will we launch?!

This is the million-dollar question. Turns out, there are a lot of details to get in order before opening the doors on this new venture. Currently, we have not yet finalized an official launch date. Stay tuned because we hope to have an update on this for you soon! We are focusing every energy on making sure that we do this right the first time. And in doing so, set ourselves up for a future of continuing successful launches. Behind the scenes are active conversations and preparations. We still need to finish lease arrangements, financing, staffing, building improvements, and more.

The details of the Mead United Methodist Church property are still developing. In the meantime, we’ve moved forward with a lease option. This will allow us to launch Sunday services sooner rather than later. The lease was recently signed. Now we are updating and improving the building to meet our needs.

To keep our forward momentum going, we are also open to future ONEx locations. The old Hastings located at Maple and Wellesley has caught our attention. The location of this building is highly attractive! We invite you to agree with us in prayer for ONE* for favor in all areas of expansion. Also, pray for our team to have wisdom as we work to help people all across Spokane find and follow Christ.

What do we do while we wait to launch?

We all know that waiting for something exciting to happen feels like torture. So what can ONEx supporters be doing in the meantime to help prepare for a smooth launch? Here are some practical ways to get involved:

-Community Outreach. On December 20th, we are holding a Christmas outreach event on the North side.  The outreach will serve the local you, and we will partner with the Boys and Girls Club. We are in need of people who enjoy coordinating and serving at events. We also need people who want to help us establish our presence and influence in the area. Please contact Lesley Yarnell lyarnell@onespokane.com to get involved and help us bless the community.

-Pray. Pray for favor, provision, guidance, leaders, and all things about the expansion. Also, pray for doors and opportunities to open on future locations. And pray for the building of divine appointments and relationships. Pray for help as we look to meet our goals of reaching our community.

-Train and recruit. If you have an area of interest in serving at the new campus, please get involved with that team. You can start now at our Spokane Valley location. Currently, we are looking to identify Team Leads for the areas of Ushering and Traffic Team. If you are interested, or would like more information, contact Andrea Clift aclift@onespokane.com.  Always be on the lookout for others who would like to get involved. If they aren’t on our email list, encourage them to sign up at http://onespokane.com/onex/.

-Be on the lookout for our Mead friends at ONE*. The Mead United Methodist Church members are joining us for the Christmas Advent Calendar. Make sure to be on the lookout for them, and please go introduce yourself! We are moving forward with services at ONE* Mead. In the meantime, Pastor Bill will conduct traditional Methodist services. We look forward to this ongoing partnership and the extra opportunities it brings. All with the goal to reach people for Christ across varying communities! As a service to honor our Mead friends, we will provide their Sunday transportation. *If you want to help and drive a van, please contact Andrea Clift aclift@onespokane.com. (Must be 25 or older).*

Final Thoughts

God has tasked us with this work, and it’s an honor and a privilege. It’s important that we spread the good news of Christ to a world that is hurting and confused. It doesn’t always move forward in a clean straight line, but the hope is more important than ever.  We are thankful you are standing beside us.  Our commitment is to reach out to the world with love while we reflect God’s light. From my family to yours, Happy Holidays. And remember-the best it yet to come.

Jamie Blackhart
ONEx Director
ONE* Ministries