ONEx Update | September 2016

ONEx Update | September 2016

The driving force behind ONEx is an absolute commitment to helping people find and follow Jesus Christ.  In our efforts to Dream Bigger and Reach Farther, we are thrilled to announce partnership with the Mead United Methodist Church in Mead, WA.

They have invited us to host Care Network Ministry programs, Life Groups, REACH, and even aThursday night service. All from their location and completely free of charge.  

What does this mean to ONE*?  Well, it means that we have a facility in Mead that we can use, right now, to start reaching people for Christ! It’s officially GO time.

It also means that we will need volunteers to help with every area.  Children’s Ministry, Guest Services which includes: Ushers, Parking, Greeters, and more.  We need trained Media personnel who can work with sound and lighting. And we need them now.

At this time we are going to need to start buying the necessary equipment to properly run a service from the Mead campus.  The estimate is $120,000.  This estimate includes the projection equipment, new lighting, remodel for the auditorium, all sound equipment, and so on.

As if it wasn’t good enough that we have been given a place to work from, the Mead Methodist Church is interested in merging with ONE*.  That would mean all ONE*, and they would attend our services!!

The expressed intent from the Pastor and Congregation is that, if things go well, they would be interested in gifting that church and the 7.5 acres to ONE*.  God is up to BIG things! This is a great reminder to always be praying for ONEx, and praying big!

This has not taken place yet, and we do not want to have false information spreading that we have already been given a church. There is a lengthy process we must still go through, which includes being approved by their regional committee in June of 2017. So, please keep this in mind when speaking with other members of ONE* who may not be aware of what we are up to. Or rather, what God is up to through us!

In summary, we have a place to begin. We don’t own it, but we’re blown away by God’s faithfulness to provide this springboard for us to jump into the waters of North Spokane.  ONEx will always continue to look for the next location to reach people for Jesus.  In this moment though, we will focus on our gracious partner that welcomed us into the Mead community, and we will begin assembling teams that make this God-dream a reality.  Additional information will be provided as it becomes available. Please encourage anyone who is interested to join our Newsletter/Volunteer list, which can be found here.

So what’s the bottom line? We need teams of people who are trained and ready to go, and we need $120,000. Please see below for more specifics on how you can help. We thank you in advance for your faithfulness in giving of your time, talents, and treasure, to help us expand our reach in helping people find and follow Jesus Christ, and we look forward to working alongside you as together we launch our first satellite campus! This is just the beginning.

Jamie Blackhart
ONEx Director
ONE* Ministries


– If you want to serve at the new campus in an area where you do not currently serve, contact Andrea Clift. Email: Cell: 509.953.3483 | texts preferred.

– If you want to serve at the new campus in an area where you already serve, meet with your Team Lead or Coach. Discuss your ability to move up to the Mead Campus, either temporarily, or permanently. We want all Team Leads to be aware of the plans. This will help us maintain our service excellence at ONE*.

– We are also actively seeking help for remodeling! Some of this work will be taking place at the Mead Campus, and some at the Valley Campus. ONEx is hard at work helping ONE* to grow, and we are bursting at the seams everywhere at the moment!!!! This is a great problem to have! We’re looking for people who are able and willing to help with: framing, painting, drywall, general labor, and more. Please contact Jamie or Andrea if you can help in this area, or know someone who can.