New Giving Platform!

In an effort to make your giving experience as easy and simple as possible, we’ve updated to a unified giving platform that’s seamless across both our website, and mobile app. This new platform is simple and easy to use and links to your phone, thus eliminating the need to remember a password.


If you give one-time gifts …

Use the simple giving portal on our Give page or mobile app. Select your campus, then set up your account to save your information and payment source for even quicker giving in the future.


If you have recurring scheduled giving …

It’s as easy as setting up your new recurring giving schedule, and then removing your previous one on the old platform.

1. Setup your new recurring giving plan on the PushPay platform through our ONE* app or on the Give page.

2. Once your new giving plan is set up, you will now need to access the old platform by logging into your Infellowship account here.

3. Once you are logged in, click the “Schedules” tab.


4. Click on any active giving schedules.


5. In the bottom left hand corner there is a “Delete this schedule” link.


That’s it! You have successfully setup your giving. We thank you for partnering with ONE*!


Any Questions or Concerns?

If you run into any issues or concerns, please do not hesitate in contacting our team at onefinance@onespokane.com, calling us at (509) 926-3254.