At The Movies: Hacksaw Ridge

Nov 19, 2017
Most of your friends and family are in a war. They need someone to show them the way out of the craziness of life. Would you be willing to run into battle to rescue them? I want you to think this way, “Please Lord, help me get one more.”

At the Movies: 6 Below Miracle on the Mountain

Nov 12, 2017
Life always brings us to a point where we have to choose between two paths. In the movie, 6 Below: Miracle of the Mountain, Eric Le Marque chooses the wrong path.

At the Movies: Wonder Woman

Nov 5, 2017
Why focus on movies? Research reveals that most Americans are greatly influenced by the songs they hear or the movies they see. This influence is so great, that it has been proven to be one of the things that develops the lens through which the person defines his or her world.

At the Movies: The Miracle of Dunkirk

Oct 29, 2017
We should always pray and place our trust in God. Remember, God can make a way where there seems to be no way.