Follow Me: The Holy Spirit

Jun 25, 2017
For the past 3 weeks, we’ve been discussing: Things that influence our decisions and direct our lives. The main idea of the series is this: Who or what you follow will determine the future you will experience.

Follow Me: Your Heart

Jun 18, 2017
This week, I want to focus on something that has lead all of us into trouble and danger. It’s one of the trickiest influences to recognize as being potentially dangerous. What is this stealthy adversary? It’s your heart.

Follow Me: Pride

Jun 11, 2017
Have you been following pride? What area in your life could use a good dose of humility?

Follow Me: Fear

Jun 4, 2017
Following fear will always lead us away from God and into isolation and loneliness. If God didn’t send it so don’t you receive it.