Launch Where God Is Leading You

Jan 29, 2017
Are you interested in knowing how to launch with more success and less regret?
It’s pretty easy, “Only Launch where God is leading you.”

Get in a Click

Jan 22, 2017
  For a launch to take place, we need a Launch Crew.

Launch: It’s Time for a Paradigm Shift

Jan 15, 2017
  What would you have to change to leverage your gifts and abilities to influence others for Jesus Christ on a daily basis?

The Launch: Just Let Go!

Jan 8, 2017
  This year is “Launch” year for the church, and we're praying it will be a launch year for you also. Every human being has been given a God given passion and a desire. If you are new to God or new to church you may not have known that but it’s true.