For King and Country


As Christ-Followers we live our lives for King and Country.

If you are a Christ-follower you belong to God. You represent your King and your country. You are here on a mission to set captives free, heal the sick and bring light into darkness.

What I Wish I Would Have Known Before We Got Married

Would you be interested in information that could protect you in your dating journey?

What if you knew a few relational secrets that have caused thousands of relationships to last for a lifetime? Would you be interested in knowing those secrets?


For this three part series, Pastor Will will be talking about our past, our present and our future. Pastor Will will be telling you the story of:

· Where we were
· Where we are
· Where we’re going

Me Talking to God and God Talking to Me

A three week series about “You Talking to God and God Talking to You.”


Orange is all about bringing two big influences in every child’s life together: yellow and red. Yellow is the Bright Light of Christ ad Red is the warm heart of the family. When you mingle those two influences you get orange. Orange is what you get when the church and parents partner to help the kids become everything God created them to be.

Ask It

If there were one question that would guarantee you more success and less regret in your life, would you ask it?


Starting January 24th, ONE* started a 7 week church-wide study called Transformed, based on the small group study by best-selling author and Lead Pastor of Saddleback Church, Rick Warren.  Pastor will be teaching each week on one area of our lives that we can experience Transformation in. These areas include Spiritual Health, Physical Health, Mental Health, Emotional Health, Relational Health, Financial Health and Vocational Health.

Jacked for the Future

The goal of this series is to give you a quick overview of some things that are coming and the importance of making God the priority in all goals for the coming year. The term “Jacked” in this series refers to being excited about the future. Watch the series and get “Jacked for the Future.”

The Child, The Son, The Savior

The Christmas series is entitled, “The Child, The Son, The Savior.” During the three part series, Pastor Will will talk about “WHY” God sent Jesus the way He did.

Think Thank

When you hear the word “Thanksgiving” what do you think about? Sometimes we need to Think Thank.

It’s Good For You!

We adopt certain habits because it’s good for us. Just because these habits are good for us doesn’t mean that they will be easy for us. The habits Pastor Will McCain tackles in this series are Forgiveness, Apology/Repentance, Listeining (to learn), and Thinking “We” Not “Me.”