Everything is Possible: Dead End and Deliverance

Mar 18, 2018

Understanding the six phases of faith helps us not to abandon our faith. It helps us to understand that we are just going through a phase and it’s all part of God’s plan.

Everything is Possible: Dealing with Difficulty

Mar 11, 2018

When you go through difficult times, what happens “to you” is not nearly as important as what happens “in you”.

Everything is Possible: Wait for It

Mar 4, 2018

Sometimes, God delays us to develop us.

Everything is Possible: The Wise Thing

Feb 25, 2018

“In light of my past experience, my current circumstances and my future hopes and dreams, what is the wise thing to do?”

Everything is Possible With God: Dare to Dream

Feb 18, 2018

How to Discover God’s Dream for Your Life.

Everything is Possible with God: It’s Just a Phase

Feb 11, 2018

What’s so important about faith?

Do You Want To Grow?

Feb 4, 2018

Welcome to CONNECTION SUNDAY! Today, we kick-off our church-wide Spiritual Growth Campaign. Every year we devote 6 to 8 weeks to a specific topic that we believe will help you grow in your relationship with God.

Press: Adjustment and Alignment

Jan 28, 2018

For the past three weeks, we’ve been talking about how to press through difficulties or challenges that get in the way of experiencing God’s best for our lives.

Press: Word Up

Jan 21, 2018

The life of a Christ follower is not about avoiding difficulty but successfully walking through it.

Press: Strong and Courageous

Jan 14, 2018

· Your race is not over.
· Your God will not fail you.
· Your fear cannot stop you.
· Your enemy can’t defeat you.
· Be strong and courageous God is with you.

Press: Running to Win

Jan 8, 2018

Most of us have come to a place in our lives where we asked the following question, “How do I move forward?” How do I move forward after my loss, my diagnosis, my failure, my divorce?


Dec 31, 2017

When we put God first, he gives us everything we need.